Why did Myspace fail? 5 Reasons You Must Know

Myspace was a popular social media where users can create personal web pages, participate in forums, listen to music, & more.

Tom Anderson, Brad Greenspan, and Chris DeWolfe founded Myspace in August 2003. 

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Beverly Hills-based site became the world's leading social media platform. It eventually failed after being acquired by News Corp in 2005.

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Why did Myspace fail Here are the top 5 reasons you must know...

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A poor user experience was offered by Myspace. The site was hard to navigate and had tons of ads.

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No 5. Poor User  Experience

Myspace died due to high capital expenditures. Reports indicate that $120 million was budgeted for Myspace Music's launch.

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No 4. Spending lots of money

Due to Myspace's poor product experience, the competition became relevant.

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No 3. Very Poor Product Quality

Several lawsuits were filed against Myspace, which also caused hefty expenditures and legal fees.

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No 2. Legal Battles

Due to fierce competition, both within The United States and outside its home market, Myspace failed.

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No 1. Intense Competition

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