Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

https://www.beforecart.com/  is an Online unbiased website providing information about top products, business models, Startups, surveys, coupon codes, etc., with highly valuable research and reviews. While visiting this website you must
consent and agree to the terms and conditions and should have read our privacy policy thoroughly. These terms and conditions apply to the use of  This Website Named Beforecart.com
i.e.  https://www.beforecart.com/  or it’s associates’ entire URL that we have in its.

# 1. Contents Copyright Notice

All content, images, text, video or photo graphics, user interfaces, trademarks, logos, artwork and other content on this website
including but not limited to the arrangements, site designs, selections, and coordination of such Content on the Site is the property of the owner of this website named   https://www.beforecart.com/

No part of these websites or websites content may be copied, sold, rented, broadcast, reproduced, transmitted, uploaded, or posted publicly displayed in any manner to produces like a new work.

For commercial purposes in any digital media like a computer, website, etc, before prior express wrote consent from the owner of this site  https://www.beforecart.com/  is strictly prohibited.

# 2. Privacy Policies.

Before surfing this website we are requested you to please read our privacy policies thoroughly. Sometimes certain non-personal information like
IP address, web bowers types, date times upon which is visited the website recorded automatically as your uses of these websites. We declare that these non-personal information helps
us and used to improve the overall site operations, site performance and bug fixations and speed of the websites and functionality.

# 3. Contact us via Email only or Comments.

If you have any suggestions feedback you want to contact us you can do so using contact us page. Where you can found contact us an email that will help you to reach us electronically.

# 4. Declarations about Accuracy & Information Presented Here.

4. Please be noted that Beforecart.com only publishes information about the research of the top products, business models, coupons codes, startups, surveys, etc. which are available on market, and will be provided on these sites highly values well-researched.

product reviews and buyers guides. All information is only demonstrations and review purposes we don’t take any kind of responsibilities or can’t be responsible for the change of information
or product quality at third party websites.   https://www.beforecart.com/   doesn’t guaranty or warranty or any kind of assurance that the product will error-free or its performance will be uninterrupted,
or if any defects found will be corrected any manners. Please keep in mind we just review with our top-class research knowledge. Please keep in mind that we don’t sell or buy or replace any kinds of
products we just review and prepare a buyers guide and publish on our website  https://www.beforecart.com/. So before buying/selling/replacing etc you are only you who will be responsible for
it. So before buying/selling/ replacing, we are requested to you please do your own research also.

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