Is DHHF a good ETF

DHHF ASX | Is DHHF a good ETF?

Hello Friends! Welcome to our new article about DHHF ASX. In this article, you will get complete information regarding DHHF ASX, its Pros and Cons, Facts, Portfolio, Benchmark Index, Top Holdings, and more. To know all these pieces of information, read the entire carefully. So, let’s begin…

What is DHHF?

DHHF has pioneered the first pure equity diversified ETF in the Australian FIRE community. It is the cheapest alternative to VDHG and has released its funds at 0.19 percent.


Due to its 100% allocation to shares, DHHF has very high growth potential, as it includes many cost-effective ETFs.

According to S&P, 89.38% of active funds will underperform the index over the next five years. It’s, however, only applicable to broad market indices.

You may check out this helpful video which will help you to know more about DHHF ETF. The video credits goes to the ”BetaShares – Exchange Traded Funds” official YouTube Channel.

DHHF ASX – Popular Australian ETF

Credits: BetaShares – Exchange Traded Funds | YouTube

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Which is better, DHHF or VDHG?

DHHF and VDHG both are fundamentally strong. They performed exceptionally well in the years preceding and following the pandemic. These two ETFs stand out from their competitors because of their smart allocations. Both these ETFs are highly demanding among investors.

So, according to our analysis, both are strong and great for investment. But if you are a beginner and have less amount to invest, then go for DHHF. But don’t forget that there is always a risk factor in investment.

So, do your research and invest based on your risk tolerance.

A Comparison of DHHF and VDHG is presented in the following chart:

ComparisonDHHF (BetaShares) in Percentage (%)VDHG (Vanguard) in Percentage (%)
Bond Allocation010
Equity Allocation10090
Global Equity Allocation6354
Australian Equity Allocation3736
Management Annual Fees0.190.27
Constructed with ETFs or Managed FundsETFsManaged Funds
Comparison of DHHF and VDHG

DHHF ASX Live Chart

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of DHHF ASX?

Everything in the world has advantages and disadvantages. In the same way, you will also find some pros and cons in DHHF ASX.

DHHF ASX Advantages:

  1. DHHF ASX is excellent exposure to International assets.
  2. It has massive diversification.
  3. DHHF ASX is excellent exposure to Emerging Markets.
  4. It is available at a reasonable price.
  5. Many fast-growing high potential companies are part of this ETF.
  6. DHHF charges 0.19% yearly fees, which is relatively low compared to all their ETFs in the Australian market.

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DHHF ASX Disadvantages:

  1. There is a significant allocation to Australia
  2. The historical returns are unknown.
  3. It is cheaper to create your fund.

How to buy DHHF ETF?

  1. It is very easy to invest in DHHF. You just have to go to any ASX trading platform.
  2. Find it by typing the ticker code DHHF on the search bar of the trading platform. Then hit the buy button after finding the exact DHHF.
  3. It is easy to purchase using a credit card or a bank account.
  4. It is as easy as using e-commerce platforms.
  5. The best thing about DHHF is that it doesn’t require any minimum investment.

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Who Should Buy DHHF ETF?

Many investors have used BetaShares Diversified All Growth DHHF instead of the VDHG ETF due to its broad international diversification.

Many investors can gain exposure to some of the world’s largest public companies through DHHF. A passive fund like this one is a good choice for FIRE investors due to its passive nature.

Is DHHF a good ETF
Is DHHF a good ETF

Is DHHF a good ETF? If we talk about fixed income allocation, we will find that DHHF is the best alternative to VDHG. It’s a great ETF for beginners and advanced investors who want to add instant diversification to their portfolios.

Depending on your portfolio goals, the fund may be used by itself or with other funds as an alternative to VDHG.

Some Facts About DHHF ETF:

Fund NameBetaShares Diversified All Growth ETF
Ticker CodeDHHF
BenchmarkGrowth Target Allocation of DHHF
Assets Under Management$110 million
Service Charges0.19%
Number of HoldingsUSD, AUD, and 4 ETFs
Income DistributionsQuarterly
Total ReturnsAround 17%
Some Facts About DHHF ETF

DHHF ETF Portfolio Goal

According to BetaShares, DHHF provides investors with low-cost exposure to a high-growth portfolio with a high sensitivity to risk. Betashares DHHF invests mainly in the following sectors:

Information Technology11.5%
Consumer Discretionary9.7%
Consumer Staples6.3%
Communication Services5.8%
DHHF ETF Portfolio Goal

Top 15 DHHF ETF Holdings:

1CBA .ASX3.36%
2CSL .ASX2.48%
3BHP .ASX1.96%
4Apple Inc. (AAPL)1.74%
7Microsoft Corp.(MSFT)1.66%
10WES.ASX1.17% Inc.(AMZN)1.11%
12WOW .ASX0.87%
13TLS .ASX0.82%
14TCL .ASX0.74%
15GMG .ASX0.71%
Top 15 DHHF ETF Holdings

BetaShares Australia 200 ETF

In May 2018, Betashares Australia 200 ETF was launched. It was created to compete with the famous ETFs VAS, STW, and IOZ at a very low fee of 0.07 percent. This fund is designed to track the Solactive Australia 200 Index. Australian economy makes up only 2 percent of the world’s economy.

Fund InceptionMay 7, 2018
BetaShares Australia 200 ETF

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Which is the best alternative for DHHF and VHDG?

The best alternative to DHHF and VHDG is VGS and A200, as these ETFs have exposure to Australian and International companies. Some more Australian alternatives are ETHI and FAIR.

Here is the list of the Top Four A200 Holdings:

The list of Top Four A200 Holdings


In the Australian market, DHHF ASX is one of the best ETFs. Buying at the lowest price makes it easy for newcomers in the field of the stock market. Furthermore, DHHF ASX comes at a low fee per annum. If you are interested in this article, you may also like our other content, Onlyfans Stock.

I hope you enjoyed this post. You may write in the comment section below if you have anything to tell. Thanks for reading the complete article.

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