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How to get Canva pro for free – Lifetime No Credit Card

Canva pro premium accounts are suitable for all bloggers, students, and graphic designers. Canva is one of the leading online graphic designing tools available nowadays.  They offer various products and services through their premium or Pro account services.  But that needs a pro account. What if you are a struggling student who has not much money? What if you are not able to pay fees but you need them very badly? If you are a student, then don’t worry; they already have a solution with them. 

How to get Canva pro for FREE (Lifetime Pack, No debit or Credit Card Needed)

If you want to use Canva pro for free, there is a solution.  Canva is used by designers and people who are not, for the simplicity of the application; Canva is a website, although it is also found on mobile devices in the App Store and the Play Store.

Remember that the process of having Canva Pro for free is only helpful if you are a student and have an email account ending in .edu;  otherwise, you will not be able to register in Canva for Education and have a free account.  But there is also a chance you can have Canva Pro Lifetime, and you can just read the complete post you will get today. 

First Methods:

This method can allow you to get a Canva pro account free of cost. In this method, you need a valid educational email address (.Edu Mail). If you are a university or school student, ask them to provide you with a valid  “.edu” mail, and you can get Canva Pro Totaly free; the best part is that this is 100% legitimate and legal.

The Canva team provides Canva Pro for free to help out students with their work.  Cool, is no it?

Now let’s come to the primary procedure page…

Once you have got the educational email Id for you and the password, just visit   and select Register as a student. Once You finish that, just visit the URL as

Canva For Education
Canva For Education

Now you need to click on the “Register Now for Free” button, which is all set. You can get their Canva Pro account totally free for a lifetime.

2nd Methods:

Now if you don’t have a .edu account, I have a solution for you

If you do not have a .edu email, there is another option you can give a try. To be very honest, Canva is providing this Canva Premium Free account for a lifetime only for students and teachers for free only. 

 Canva is running a limited-time campaign to spread its brand name and give opportunities to taste its Canva pro account for free.  Can Education be a limited-time capping running from their end for early bird students or teachers?  That’s too only for .edu mail holders.  

But what if you don’t have any valid   “.edu” mail then?  Don’t worry about this 2nd method; you will go to learn how to get Canva pro for free! Yes, completely free. 

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How to get Canva Pro for Free

Just follow these three simple steps if you don’t have a “.edu” account or don’t have any friends to help you out.

Step1: Visit Any Temporary Email Page. 

You can visit any temporary .edu mail provider online, valid only for a few minutes to a few hours. 
There are lots of temporary .edu mail provider websites available on the internet; just google it. It’s needed to create Canva for Education account.

If you don’t get then, you can use and now create a .edu mail that is valid for ten minutes.
When you get a new email address, make sure that your email should be in this format.
[email protected] If this format is not received, you need to recreate one and try again and again.
When you get like this, proceed to the next step. 

Canva Pro Lifetime
Canva Pro Lifetime

Step2: Visit the Can For Education Page and Sign up

When you are all done now, you need to visit the below URL

Now you need to click on the sign up With Email button and follow the signup procedure.  In this signup process, you need to use that temp mail. When everything is all right, you need to verify that email quickly.  An OTP will come to your .edu mail, and you need just to verify using that One-time password to get Canva Pro Lifetime.   

Step3: Time to Change Email Address and Replace that .edu Mail

Now, as we already said, that .edu email will not last long, as it’s only for temporary use for 10 minutes or so. You need to visit the Canva setting page from your account dashboard>visit Account settings>Change Email Address.

As soon as you get this page, you need to replace this Email Address immediately with your valid email.  This is how you can get Canva pro for life very quickly.  But please keep in mind this is a trick only, and it’s not a legit way. Think to buy when you are capable, because they provide you when you are in the help.

When you are capable, why not pay them??

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 What is Canva Pro?

 Canva is a well-known platform for its graphics designing websites and web-based tools. You can make banners, Instagram templates, Reel videos, short videos, and templates,  even you can create stunning charts, graphs, Infographics, presentations, and much more. 

But the problem is that all these are not free, they provide a free account, but if you want to make much more, you need to pay for their premium services.  Canva Pro comes with a premium plan, with additional features embedded along with unlimited storage for your work to save and reuse for the future. It also saves time and dedicated energy easily. 

But what if you have to use a few assets that are only available only the Canva Pro plan? They will not allow using it freely; instead of charging you, they will place a watermark on its pics, image, or temple.  They only allow you to use it if you pay their premium assets, which cost you around $1- $25 per asset. 

But the good news is that you can save this money when you buy or get Canva Pro Lifetime. Canva pro or Canva Premium,  accounts provides you with all premium photos, templates, and infographics videos on Canva Library for absolutely free.  You can use any of them as you wish If you have a Canva pro account with you. 

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Canva PRO benefits

  • You can change the size of your designs with a simple Click
  • More font styles or add your fonts
  • Intelligent Image Trimmer
  • More extensive image gallery 
  • Create animations in mp4 or GIF
  • All the elements you want in Canva Pro

Group Buy Canva Pro

If all these things do not work for you, the last option you can try is to Get Canva Pro from the group buy tools sites. Thousands of Group buy tools websites available on the internet. You can give it a try for minimum payments.  Group can help you to use their Premium features the same way that Canva Pro provides you. The Main different things are You don’t need to pay the total amount to get Get Canva Pro lifetime.

When you need you can buy for 1 month if you don’t need then any worries your account will be there when you feel you can enjoy it again via paying their charges. 

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How to get Canva Pro for free for a Lifetime is a hot topic nowadays, and we shall cover every possible way to help you out. If you feel that you need it very badly, we suggest using Canva Pro in a Legitimate way, paying them, and using them.  But if you have .edu main and you are a student, you can take that Canva For Education Campaign benefits freely.  

This is all about how to get Canva pro for free!  If you have any questions or suggestions, you may feel free to share your thoughts with us via the comments below. To know much more about product details and business modules, keep visiting

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