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What is Papasurvey? How to Participate in Murphy’s Survey and Earn gifts and exciting prizes 2022.

Papasurvey is a popular customer feedback survey conducted by Papa Murphy’s via the online portal  To keep bettering its products and services, maintaining quality and good customer service Papa Murphy’s offers a feedback survey from their customers.  

In return, Papa Murphy offers you rewards that you can redeem while in the store next time. If you love to take the survey and win exciting prizes that Papa Murphy offers, Like Pizza, Cheesy Bread, Cookies dough, and even more exciting prizes, you must read till the end so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity.  We let you know and guide you through how you can win Papasurvey very easily. 

So let’s get started.



 Papa Murphy’s is a popular locally-owned pizza chain. They have been in business for over 30 years and have been steadily growing their customer base thanks to their delicious food, good service, and long hours of operation. There are currently 1,750 locations across the United States and Canada.

Papa Murphy’s has recently started an online survey called Papasurvey for their customers to help them find out what they think about their company and what sets them apart from other pizza chains. The feedback that they receive will help influence Papa Murphy’s future plans, such as new menu items or management techniques. They will also use the information to make their services better and help them reach out to a wider audience.

Customers can participate in the survey at . The survey consists of 20 questions that take about five minutes to complete. Questions will cover overall satisfaction, location preferences, best experiences, and overall restaurant experience. In addition, users will be asked if they would like to be contacted for future focus groups or other customer feedback programs.

Papasurvey Papa Murphy Survey
Papasurvey Papa Murphy Survey

The company is especially interested in collecting feedback from their newer locations since they have been open for less than 5 years instead of functioning since 1995 long 26 years journey. This information will help them improve their overall operations, customer service, and menu.

The survey is being conducted from April-October 2017. Users have the option to complete the survey anytime during this period, but users can only answer a maximum of five questions, so they must complete 10 surveys to qualify for a gift.

Papa Murphy’s has raised its customer rating from above average to above average since launching the feedback program because of the increased attention they were able to gain from it. In addition, they have been able to gain a better understanding of their customers, which will help them improve their overall operations and services.

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Papa Murphy History

In 1981, Papa Murphy started their journey, and at that time, it was known as “Papa Aldo’s,” later, in 1984, they merged their company with now the popular and well-known Pizza chain outlet  “Murphy’s Pizza.”  Murphy was founded in 1984, but they decided to merge, and accordingly, the two companies became one with the new Name “Papa Murphy’s” pizza hut. 

The name became so popular due to their service, and finally, Papa Murphy’s name spread across the country and made records standing in 5th position in the US.  They established more than 1,750 stores in nations wide (Including all franchisees they are running). 

Papa Murphy is Known for its  “Take and Bake” Service- What does it mean?

Well, Papa Murphy’s is now the largest retail pizza chain and running for the last 30 years or more. They often make surprises their customer and provide service according to Papasurvey and customer feedback. 

Papa Murphy’s is known for its “Take and Bake” model; actually, it means Customers can take the cold pizza into their home and can bake it in their own homes.


They don’t provide steaming hot pizza; when a customer needs pizza, they provide them with a cold pizza, and they can steam it or heat it using their micro oven. 

Take, and Bake models help Papa Murphy’s provide good quality pizza, and it also helps them to save money, and they can make it available to the customer at a lucrative price. 

How o do these brilliant ideas come from, well off-course, it comes from effective customer Papasurvey, it has the potential to serve customers according to their requirements. 

Which Items Papa Murphy’s Provides their Customers

Papa Murphy’s runs more than 1750  plus stores nationwide to provide their services. They became the nation’s 5th largest Pizza chain in the US, and their annual revenue collection crossed more than $900 million.

Papa Murphy provides a wide range of customization pizzas, and they offer it in the cold so that customers can Beek it in their own homes.  They also offer gourmet options and cold Pizza, Salad, Cookie Dough,  cheesy Bread, Cinnamon Wheels, dessert Pizza, Sodas, and much more

Sometimes they bring lots of offers for their customers, like discounted coupons code, and even Papa Murphy’s Surveys.   They have thousands of happy customers, and their employees get a stable work environment. Feedback Landing Page

Papa Murphy’s Customer Feedback Survey – While visiting Papa Murphy’s Feedback landing page, you will get amazed. They Designed your page in such a way that you can’t stay away from it without taking the survey.  They appropriately set their landing page with a delicious pizza image in the background.

They welcome you to take a survey by entering store numbers, or by you can join them by searching City and State option.  Now they will provide you with a few questions that you need to answer one by one honestly. 

Papa Murphy Survey
Papa Murphy Survey

How Can You Participate in The Papasurvey/ Papa Murphy’s  Survey?

To participate in Papsurvey or Papa Murphy’s Customer feedback survey, you must first eat in Papa Murphy’s Pizza restaurant. This is the first mandatory condition. Then you can be able to take Survey from your end online.

2nd most important requirement is that the survey is conducted online, so you have at least one computer or mobile with an internet connection enabled on it. 

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The third point should be very careful survey will conducted in English or Spanish, so you must be able to read and write either of one language very well.  

Fourth you should have the latest Papa Murphy’s order receipt copy containing an invitation to take the survey. 

Fifth, You must take the survey within three days of getting the receipt from Papa Murphy’s end. 

Now Follow the step-by-step methods below to complete the survey without any hassle.

Papasurvey online
Papasurvey online

The Papasurvey ( Online Participation)

  1. First, You need to type the address on your browser URL address bar: https:/

  2. Now read the short paragraph that comes and get ready with the store number, which you can find on the receipt that you already got from Papa Murphy’s store. 

  3. After getting the Store number, you need to click the First options and Click Next.
    Note: If you don’t get the store number, you need to go through the second option.
    Here you can find the store number by entering the zip code, and they will show you the relevant result, and you can find out that store number easily.

  4. After clicking next, you need to answer all questions come and answer them with your experience and honesty. 
  5. Answer all survey questions; don’t leave a single one. 
  6. After you complete answering all questions answers, you need to click the next button.
  7. In the end, if you are lucky, they will provide you with an exclusive offer coupon code.
    You can take it in your email ID, or you can print it from there. Please save this coupon which will be useful to get the prize next time.  
  8. Next time, when you visit Papa Murphy’s restaurant, show them the received offer coupon code to redeem your free item from their store.

How to complete Survey – Video

Papa Survey/Papasurvey and  Survey Gift

Redeem Coupon Code: Next time upon visiting Papa Murphy’s restaurant, you can redeem the coupon you got from the survey. Show them, and they will provide you with the rewards list, and you can pick up one of them from the list.

Papasurvey’s Gift/Prize: They offer Customized Pizza, Cookies Dought, Cheesy Bread, Cinamon Wheels, Dessert Pizza, etc. Anyone of them you can pick from the list, which is completely free. 

What are the Papasurvey Rules?

  1. Survey prize only 1 per person, per receipt.
  2. Participants must be 18 years old.
  3. You must make some purchases or eat at Papa Murphy’s Restaurant to get a receipt. 
  4. You must complete your survey within 3 days of getting your receipt.
  5. Limit only one free item per visit, per person, and per receipt.
  6. The survey will be conducted only Online and with the specific link provided by them.
    The link is given below. Just use them.
  7. While your next visit, you can redeem your coupon code. To do that, you must bring offered coupon code along with your receipt. 
  8. Offer coupon code Expiration Date: 30 Days after receipt date

What is Papa Murphy’s store number for the survey?

While you are walking into any Papa Murphy’s pizza restaurant you will get a receipt where the store number is printed on it. Papa Murphy’s Store number is one kind of unique number that represents the identity and location of that particular store. Every other store has a different store number to manage its services smoothly.

If you don’t have a store number you can manually fill in the Papa Murphy’s restaurant location while taking their online Survey.

How to Contact Papa Murphy’s

You can contact them via bellow mentioned option; whichever option is suitable for you, go through it. 

By Contact Us Page: Contact us

Phone: 1-844-620-2501

Send Mail To:

Papa Murphy’s International
Attn: Guest Services 8000 NE Parkway Dr. #350
Vancouver, WA 98662

Papa Murphy’s Near Me

If you want to visit Papa Murphy near you, You can take a guide from Google Maps. Wherever you are you can use google maps to get to the location which is nearest to you.

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