eToro Quiz Answers

eToro Quiz Answers – Trading Knowledge Assessment 2022

eToro Quiz Answers: We are pleased to present you with another informative and interesting article. In this article, you will know everything about the eToro Quiz. Without wasting any more time, let’s begin with the introduction.

Introduction of eToro Quiz:

eToro is an Israeli social trading platform providing financial and copy trading services. The headquarters of eToro is located in Central Israel. The company has offices in different countries, such as Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

When you sign up, they do ask you several trade questions. There may be a question in your mind as to what the answers are to the eToro trading knowledge evaluation. It’s not so difficult to understand the reason behind these questions.

The Etoro Quiz Answers can be a good way to learn more about Etoro Quiz Answers if you’re already familiar with the stock market.

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Would you like to join the eToro Quiz platform?

If you are interested in the share market, trading stocks, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, commodities, etc., then eToro is the right platform. It is one of the best places for those investors who understand the difference between an ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) and a mutual fund. You have to undergo a knowledge test to open an account on eToro.

The F.C.A. (Financial Conduct Authority ), the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission ), and the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) all contributed information to eToro’s knowledge assessment.

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Complete Sign Up Process Step By Step

Here are the steps you should follow while signing up on eToro:

  • To create a fresh account on eToro, go to the eToro “Create an Account” section of the official website.

  • Then, choose a username, enter your correct email address, and set a strong password. (Note: you may also sign up via Google Account and Facebook Account).

  • Read the terms and conditions and privacy policy, then tick the boxes to accept.

  • Proceed while clicking the create account button.

  • Then log in to your email account to check the inbox and verify the verification mail from eToro.

  • Then you have to add your personal information and trading experience.

  • In the next step, you have to verify your active phone number.

  • Next, you have to provide proof of identity. Proof of identity requires your Full Name, Date of Birth (D.O.B.), and a photograph.

  • To verify your address proof, you must provide your correct name, current residential address, date of issue, and a reference to the issuing authority.

  • And finally, deposit to complete the verification process. But before you deposit funds into eToro, you will have to answer some questions. After giving eToro quiz answers, you will be able to deposit funds and start trading.

Stock Market Questions

Any investment in the stock market comes with a certain amount of risk, and most inverters understand this. Investing is risky, but losing what you own is the biggest one. There are two types of traders; one trades regularly, and the other invests for the long term. Smart traders always follow the market and keep track of their investments. They always try to take advantage of new opportunities. By taking the time to identify quality stocks, you will ensure you do not miss any opportunities.

You can also learn how to invest in low-risk investments with Etoro Quiz Answers.

When buying stocks, many people wonder how much they should pay. Additionally, when buying or selling shares, it is important to know the price of the equity or bond. The most important thing to know about investing is exactly what to expect and what not to expect.

The eToro platform offers a wide range of trading options. For your convenience, choose any options available in the eToro Quiz Answers regarding stocks.

You should carefully consider which option is most appropriate for you when selecting whether to buy or sell. If you are aware of these things, there are maximum chances that you will be a gainer in the near future.

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The question of dividends

In general, investors earn profits when the value of their portions exceeds the price they pay. Generally, delivering profits implies that the value of an organization’s parts has increased. Ultimately, the organization possesses something valuable at this moment. If you have $10k available for profit installments, you would like to spend it.

In light of the $10k price tag, let’s imagine that you purchase 10 offers that each convey a particular measure of significant value. As a result, each offer that you own would yield $10,000 in profit every year until you sell down all of your shares.

Even though this might appear to be a small amount, it is important to remember that the funds will not be re-transferred. The profits are rather collected over time and are used to enhance the first step of the organization that owns the offers.

The Question Of Taxes

Due to the pandemic situation, there has been a large number of discussions about the charges.

There’s been a great deal of conversation about charges as of late because of the pandemic situation. Even though we understand what taxes are in the United States, we should be able to understand something that exists worldwide. Income taxes vary from country to country, but they are applied depending on where the income is earned.

In general, 20% is the lowest personal income tax rate.

eToro Quiz Answers
eToro Quiz Answers

The fastest rate of individual assessments is 45%. No matter how you look at it, individuals pay different amounts for annual assessments depending on their area. While I could elaborate on the situation precisely, we will provide a general overview of the cost of living in the United States in 2022 based on an intuitive assessment.

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What is the maximum withdrawal limit on eToro?

The minimum withdrawal amount on eToro is $30 per transaction, but there is no maximum limit. There is no maximum amount limit that can be withdrawn. But, if you want to withdraw the amount, you will have to pay an extra $5 as a withdrawal fee. In addition, you will have to pay a conversion fee if you withdraw any currency other than US dollars.

eToro Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Select the option that best describes the concept of “gapping.”

a. Profiting from market declines is a trading technique.

b. Generally, a market event that leaves a gap causes the price to shift from one level to another. – (Right Answer)

c. The trade imbalance of a country is reported in a new event product each month.

d. A phrase used to describe a specific form of an order.

eToro is also available on Google Play Store.

2. Which of the following is important to reduce the risk of trading leveraged products?

a. Having a good understanding of how the market works.

b. Keeping an eye on your open positions.

c. Maintaining an awareness of global financial news events.

d. All of the above options are correct. – Right Answer

3. How would you describe trading leveraged products when markets are volatile?

a. Safe or Secure

b. Inexperienced traders should avoid it.

c. A high level of risk.

d. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ are correct. – Right Answer

4. How would you describe going “long position” (taking a buy position)?

a. Your position makes a profit if the price increases. – Correct Answer

b. Your position is profitable if the price decreases.

c. You will only make a profit if the price is up or down.

d. None of the above options.

5. What is the correct answer among the following options?

a. CFDs and Forex are traded on exchanges.

b. Foreign exchange and contract for difference (CFD) are over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives. – Right Answer

c. Exchanges set the rules for Forex and CFDs.

d. CFDs and forex contracts are not OTC derivatives.

6. How would you describe high volatility?

c. The process of decreasing prices.

b. The price fluctuates in a narrow range for a long time.

a. Within a short time, prices fluctuate widely. – Right Answer

d. None of the above options.

7. A stop loss is important when it comes to trade because

a. It can help you limit your losses. – Right Answer

b. It can help to increase your profit.

c. You’ll make lots of money with it.

d. None of the above options.

8. Where would you place your stop loss for a long buy trade?

a. Below is your buy bid. – Right Answer

b. Above the price at which you entered.

c. At the entry price.

d. None of the above options.

9. What is the maximum number of day trades you can make on eToro?

a. Throughout the year.

b. 5 days. – Right Answer

c. Three years.

d. Seven months.

10. Please check that all of the assertions are correct.

a. Your Google CFD price will rise if the price of Google stock on NASDAQ rises. (Right)

b. If you invest $100 and leverage it 20x, you can make $2000.

c. Brokers may liquidate an investor’s account if the margin requirements are not met.

d. Unless you have sufficient margin in your account, a “margin call” will not liquidate your trades.


In this article, you have all the questions and answers related to eToro. These eToro quiz answers will help you pass your verification process. If you like this article, you may share it with your family and friends. You may check out our other content for more interesting and knowledgeable topics.

If you have any ideas regarding eToro Quiz Answers, you may write to us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading the complete article.

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