How Does Flink Make Money.

How Does Flink make money? – Secrets Behind the successful Flink Business Model 2022

Flik is an on-demand online groceries delivery platform for local businesses. In the simplest terms, Flink is a marketplace for people who want to buy from local stores and restaurants but don’t have time to pick up an order. They provide service via their website and the latest technologies-enabled Apps( Both Android and iOs Apps Available) within 10 minutes. Superfast, just like an emergency service, Flik works to satisfy its customers and maintain the quality of service. 


So how does Flink make Money? Underneath a Flik order, there’s a transaction fee per order plus a percentage of each sale. This means that when you use our App or website to complete your purchase, you pay us a small percentage of the total costs and delivery costs. On average, this is around 2.5% of the purchase price.

Flink Makes Money sells groceries products through its online marketplace and works as a business partner with other individuals shops owners with contractual amounts. 

Business Location Address: Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Number of Employees: 250+
Company Status: Private Startup
Field: Grocery Delivery
Official Website Link: Click Here to Visit Company Site

What are the benefits of using Flink?

Founded in 2020, it became a leading and popular online groceries delivery platform within a short period. Its potential is so strong that it became one of Europe’s Leading brands and raised over $300 million in funding over three rounds to date.

The main benefit of Flik is that you don’t have to leave your home, wait in line at the grocery store, or go on a restaurant’s website. You can order directly from any participating business with just a few taps on your phone or computer. You can also track how fast your order is being prepared, knowing when it will arrive at your door.

Flik offers another benefit too – you’ll save money on some product categories by shopping with us instead of other channels. For example, Flink charges around 2.5% less than competing grocery delivery services for wine and spirits.

Flink Grocery Delivery Company History

Berlin-based grocery delivery company Flink was founded in 2020. Flink has been delivering groceries to customers in Berlin since 2020.

The company was founded by Christoph Cordes, Oliver Merkel(CEO), Nikolas Bullwinkel, Saad Saeed.  Saad Saeed is cofounder & Director of Tech,  Magnus Aufschild is a Product Consultant, and Julian Dames is Cofounder & MD. 

How Flink Makes Money
How Flink Makes Money

How Flink Works

Flink is an on-demand food delivery service that enables users to order from various restaurants and deliver food straight to their doorstep. They provide services to collect and deliver groceries, restaurant-quality meals, online grocery shopping, etc.

Flink Delivers groceries very fast online due to their structural plan. They set up multiple warehouses, and their upgraded latest technologies help them serve their customer in less than 10 minutes to place orders on their store. 

They have both the latest technologies-enabled apps available on Android and iOS platforms, and also they offer web-based service so that customers can track and order in real-time. 

They also have qualified dedicated staff who pick out packages from the warehouse and hand them over to the delivery boy who uses both four-wheelers and two-wheelers e-bikes to make their delivery fast. Their dedicated full-time delivery service is available, and they do their duties honestly. 

Flink appointed delivery boys on a contractual basis from popular service providers like Instacart, Deliveroo, etc. They get paid for successfully delivering the product and allocated a certain amount of money for each deliverable product. 

So how it’s Works:  To use their service, you need to go to their website or Apps first. If you don’t have apps, you can download them from the Google play store for Android users, and from the Apple apps store, you can download the application if you are an iOS user

Flink Android App
Flink Android App

2nd step, you need to register yourself into the application with the proper name and Address for smooth delivery.  You can change your delivery address anytime before placing your final order, so don’t worry; be careful while placing an order you need to confirm your desired address where you want your order. 

Now find out which products you will buy; find and collect them into your bucket through apps. Finally, place an order. 

While placing an order, you can choose prepaid payment methods only.  You can choose prepaid orders using a wide range of payment methods like Apple Pay, or You can use Paypal, credit card, Debit card, even Wallet you can use. 

Now wait a few minutes, they will deliver your order to your doorstep. If you need to track where is your order is? You can follow their online tracking systems their GPS-based tracking systems available within the app. Using that facility, you can check your rider’s current live position. 

In Which Country Flink is Offering their Service?

Berlin Based grocery delivery startups are nowadays trendy in European countries.  So if you want to take their service, you must be from European countries where they are currently offering their services. Now, they function in Germany, Austria, France, and the Netherlands. 

Which Products does Flink offer To its Users?

 They are currently offering a wide range of groceries products, from Fish to Breaky products, from meat to Alcoholic beverages, from Eggs to Snaks, and from Milk to spicy cuisine. Hundreds of thousands of essentials regular groceries products are available.  

User can choose their required product and place an order.  

How Does Flink Make Money? The Secret Revealed

Berlin Based is a popular grocery delivery startup now trending online due to its superfast order delivery system. It has the power to deliver orders within 10 minutes to satisfy its valuable customers.  

Now the main question arises how Does Flink Make Money? What is their secret strategy to generate a massive amount of money people want to know? 

Flink makes money by selling essentials groceries products through its online marketplace; another revenue source comes from placing a reasonable amount of delivery charges on each order. 

So let’s discuss in detail how those two methods, Grocery Sales and Delivery Fees make them allow them to generate huge revenues.

Delivery Fees

To make Flink popular, gain market share, beat potential customers, and earn consistent money first. The foremost requirement is to make the delivery process smoother and most straightforward and fast ways.  Customers will get involved in online-based buying if they get delivered instantly. 

So, they established various warehouses; from there, the shipment’s location to the direct customer is accessible and with too minimal time lapse. In an average European country, delivery charges fall around  €1.80 –  €2.10.

To get on track and establish the brand name of Flink, they reduced their delivery charges and made them half. Flink demands minimum delivery charges of €1.00, which is very attractive compared to low as usual.  It directly impacts users and can attract more customers to order more groceries products from their online marketplace.  In this way, they get more sales and more satisfied customers now involved day by day.

How Does Flink Make Money.
How Does Flink Make Money?

Selling Essentials Groceries 

Flink makes money from selling everyday essentials groceries on its online marketplace. They beat their potential competitors by purchasing and storing groceries in bulk, which helps them earn money.  

Buying bulk orders with lower prices and selling them at a reasonably slightly increased cost compared to buy value allows them to generate more margins.  Please keep in mind that they are still providing significantly lower prices than the currently available market.  

Compared to the supermarket price, they still provide cheap rates to their customers, increasing their popularity quickly. 

Here are some cost-effective setups that Flink Follows to Reduce Costs and save margin. 

  • Instead of taking a large warehouse, they choose a small, well-optimized warehouse in a different location to deliver products within the shortest possible time and lower costs. 
  • To save money and manpower, they made the process through automation. They made their payment systems complete online and prepaid so that the riders can save time and can only focus on delivery. They forward to the next-door delivery after completing the first one without handling cash. All payments are handled through a payment gateway within the app itself. 

  • Flink arranged their systems and ran their business directly from their warehouse to the customer house, and it’s an aggregate business model where there is no middleman. So there is no extra commission lapsed on the middle man. In this business model, Flink also doesn’t need any retails assistance, which saves lots of money.
Flink Grocery Deliveries in 10 Minutes
Flink Grocery Deliveries in 10 Minutes

Flink Funding, Valuation & Total Revenue Generation Till Now 2021

Berlin-based grocery delivery online Marketplace Startup started its journey in 2020. Due to their fast delivery of under 10 minutes and lower delivery charges, good reasonable products price compared to other competitors’ supermarkets,  Kiosk in  Germany Flink take affordable prices for their products.

Due to all these factors which propelled their growth, many venture capital funding comes ahead to invest in their projects. According to Crunchbase, Flink received a Total of $304.2 million.  They received this huge amount of four founding Rounds till now.

There is a total of 10 investors; among them, 6 are lead investors.  Northzone, Target Global, Cherry Venture, Proses & Naspers,   and Bonds are significant investors.  Apart from that, DoorDash, Mubadala Capital | Ventures,  LVL1 Group, TriplePoint Capital, And Cristina Stenbeck also funded Flink to make their wheel faster.  

According to Bloomberg and DoorDash Inc. Flink, the Valuation is $2.1 Billion and increasing. The growth of this company is tremendous and impressive; it will cross $5 Billion if that growth rate stays by the end of 2022.

What about the Revenue that Flink Generated till now? The question is thought for us now because Flink has not publicly disclosed their total revenue generation. We are working on it. Once they make it public, then we shall update it here.  Till then, you need to wait for some time. 

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