Floki INU Will Now Directly Cross $1 After Burning 99.9% Supply

Floki INU Will Now Directly Cross $1 After Burning 99.9% Supply?

Hello, friends! The wave of meme tokens has arrived once again. Here, Floki INU Coin seems to be trending today. Floki Inu has performed very well compared to Pepe coin in the past few days. Many updates related to this coin have also been released, and its price predictions are gaining traction. We will share our own opinion with you in this article. Therefore, we request you to read this article till the end so that you can obtain complete information about Floki Inu.

Exciting Developments: Latest Updates on Floki Inu Coin

Friends, today we are discussing the Floki Inu coin, which is once again gaining momentum at a rapid pace. This coin has reemerged into the spotlight after almost a year. During the launch of the Pepe coin, Floki Inu gained significant popularity, particularly when it was listed on Binance Exchange. However, after that initial surge, there was a year-long period of relative inactivity, with no major updates seen.

In 2024, with the positive shift in market sentiments, Floki Inu has regained attention. As depicted in the chart, the coin has already surpassed 0.02 rupees and is poised to cross the 1 rupee mark soon, outpacing the Shiba Inu coin.

Looking at Floki Inu’s performance, the coin has experienced an unexpected growth of over 700% in just a month. This remarkable surge in price was unanticipated, accompanied by a substantial increase in daily trading volume, suggesting that the coin is breaking records.

Approaching its all-time high, Floki Inu appears to be on the verge of surpassing this milestone, with strong indications of achieving it. Long-term investors in this coin are enjoying excellent profits so far.

Floki Inu Skyrockets to New ATH
Floki Inu Skyrockets to New ATH

Currently, new investments have flowed into the market for Floki Inu, attracting significant attention from large investors, or “whales.” Additionally, noteworthy updates related to the coin have surfaced. Notably, a 60% growth has been observed, primarily due to listings on major exchanges.

Two prominent exchanges are set to list Floki Inu. The first, Coinhako, is the largest in Singapore, and the second, CoinMENA, is also widely recognized. Both exchanges hold esteemed positions in the Singapore market.

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Floki Inu Secures Its Spot Among Top-Tier Coins

When discussing Marketcap, meme coins are experiencing rapid growth. Shiba Inu currently holds the 10th rank, while DogeCoin occupies the 9th position in the Marketcap list. Notably, Pepe coin is currently situated at the 40th rank, and Floki Inu is at the 51st rank. You can verify the rankings of these cryptocurrencies on “Coinmarketcap.” If you are interested to know more about Shiba Inu, you may read; Shib Inu Business Model.

This suggests that Floki Inu has already secured a place among the Top 60 Coins and is poised to enter the Top 50 soon, potentially surpassing Pepe Coin. Anticipating significant growth in the near future, we expect this coin to continue advancing its position.

Floki Inu in Top 60 Coins
Floki Inu in Top 60 Coins

Moreover, there is a possibility of Floki Inu demonstrating an additional 100% growth from its current position, indicating a potential breakout. With the entry of whales, it is anticipated that this coin will experience further pumping.

DateLTPGrowth (In Percentage)
Floki Inu Growth in Percentage

In recent days, we observed growth percentages of 68%, 104%, and 60%, and it is projected that in the coming days, we may witness a 100% growth. Both long-term and short-term investors are likely to reap substantial benefits from these developments.

Floki Inu Developers Set to Burn a Massive Token Supply

The developers of Floki Inu are set to conduct a significant token burning, involving the elimination of tokens on a large scale. They plan to burn approximately $11 million worth of the circulating supply, equivalent to roughly 2% of the total supply. In the realm of meme coins, Floki Inu stands out with a supply much lower than that of other meme coins, totaling 9.99 Trillion, with 2% of the supply set to be burnt.

Floki INU Will Now Directly Cross $1 After Burning 99.9% Supply
Floki INU Will Now Directly Cross $1 After Burning 99.9% Supply?

For those who entered from a short-term perspective, it’s likely that they have already secured a substantial profit or may have chosen to exit by now. However, for those considering entry into Floki Inu, a short-term strategy could be adopted to capitalize on potential profits before exiting.


As we all know, Floki Inu falls under the category of meme tokens. Therefore, it is crucial to invest only an amount that you are comfortable with losing. When venturing into the crypto space, it’s essential to base your investments on a careful consideration of risk and reward.

That concludes today’s topic. If you found our post enjoyable and informative, kindly express your thoughts by leaving a comment. For more engaging content like this, please explore our homepage.

Thank you!

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