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Zomato IPO (Initial Public Offerings) Detailed Information

Zomato is a leading Indian multinational food delivery company. The company offers food delivery, including dining-out services where customers can choose restaurants, order home-delivery food, book a table and make hassle-free payments. The company generates revenue from Zomato pro and from supplying high-quality kitchen products and ingredients to restaurants. 

The company provides services in more than 10,000 cities across 24 countries. As of November 2022, the company has an estimated food delivery restaurants of over 2,00,000 and around 2,50,000 active delivery partners.

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Strength of Zomato Limited

  • Zomato is India’s leading food delivery company.
  • As of November 2022, the company’s revenue is around $590 million.
  • The total assets of Zomato Limited are around $2.1 million as of November 2022.
  • The company’s equity is around $2.2 billion as of November 2022.

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Zomato Limited IPO Details:

IPO Date14 July 2021 to 16 July 2021
Listing Date23 July 2021
Face Value (FV)1 INR/Share
Price70 INR to 76 INR
Lot Size195 Shares
Issue TypeBook Built Issue IPO
IPO Listing ExchangesNSE, BSE
Zomato Limited IPO Details

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Zomato IPO Opening and Bidding Timetable

Zomato IPO was publicly available for two days between 14 July 2021 and 16 July 2021, from 10 am to 5 pm.

IPO Open14 July 2021, 10 am
IPO Close16 July 2021, 5 pm
Allotment22 July 2021
Refunds Initiated23 July 2021
Shares to Demate Credit23 July 2021
IPO Listing23 July 2021
Zomato IPO Opening and Bidding Timetable

Lot Size of Zomato IPO

The lot size of Zomato IPO is 195 shares. Every individual investor can apply for a maximum of 13 lots or 2535 shares.

zomato IPO
Zomato IPO

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the IPO value of Zomato?

The IPO value of Zomato is as follows:

Face Value: 1 INR per share

Lot Size: 195 Shares

Price per share: 70 INR to 76 INR

Did Zomato IPO fail?

According to some market analysts, the share price of Zomato was overpriced during its IPO (Initial Public Offerings). Zomato’s share price is trading between 67 to 75 (18 November 2022).

Was Zomato IPO a success?

According to the global bull run, Zomato IPO was believed to be successful. 

Why is Zomato IPO falling?

Due to the previous pandemic situation and the fear of the upcoming recession, there is high volatility in the market. The price of Zomato shares has declined around 58 percent within one year.

Is Zomato Shares a good buy?

Due to the pandemic and market volatility, Zomato shares have dropped around 58 percent. The share price of India’s leading food delivery company is very low, so you may easily buy the stocks. Market analysts say that Zomato will benefit significantly from digitalization in the future due to how the world is changing.

Did Zomato stock split?

No, the company has not split the face value for long.

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