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Why Did HQ Trivia Shut Down?

HQ or Hq Trivia is a popular mobile gaming app designed for users willing to compete against each other and get a platform for playing trivia games.  Winer can earn real cash or even a virtual cash prize also a reward. The exciting thing is that anyone can participate without any entry fee. It’s completely free of cost.

HQ Trivia games is one of the most popular Trivia games hosted by Famous Comedian Matt Richards; he has been the group’s moderator. The show was directly conducted through streaming from the studio on Mobile android, iOS, and Apple Tv platforms. All thought the HQ was very much popular among users, but due to various reasons, this game was defunct in February 2020. We will discuss the HQ Business Model and why it’s failed. So stay tuned with us.

HQ Trivia Game Mobile Apps
HQ Trivia Game Mobile Apps

Why Did HQ Trivia Shut Down? Why Did HQ Triva Fail?

Lately, the buzz around HQ Trivia has shut down permanently. The app has gone from garnering headlines and building hype with its quirky personality and innovative games to being largely forgotten in the app store with only 50-some reviews on most days. 
What happened to HQ Trivia? Why did it fail?

HQ Trivia is an app that began as an experiment by Host Scott Rogowsky with a mobile trivia game show format where users can win real money through live video streams of quiz shows announced through host Scott Rogowsky on Monday-Friday at 3:00 pm EST.

HQ Trivia failed for multiple reasons, and finally, they got shut down in February 2020. They shut down due to they claimed they were running out of money. But the fact is that they failed to keep gaming up to date and made it exciting to people. Numerous often occurring technical issues drag them down to the Ground. Management is not good to handle this HQ trivia mobile app game. Finally, the founder doesn’t take much interest, and their leadership is mainly responsible for defuncting this popular trivia game.

How did HQ Trivia work?

HQ Trivia is a game show app that allows users to participate in live trivia games. There will be “trivia” shows where contestants answer questions correctly to win cash prizes on certain days. The game show app is available for iOS, Android, and Web users.

HQ Trivia is a real live game show app that allows its users to compete against each other and win real cash and virtual cash prizes, and the prize is lucrative to winners. Everybody tried their best to use their skills and quiz knowledge to win the competition. 

Prizes range from $1,000 to $5,000 for each game, and the winners are randomly selected after the games are completed. HQ Trivia offers free daily tournaments for all users after completing 1 minute of “tutorial” questions, including IQ-type tests about popular culture.

HQ Trivia Android Apps
HQ Trivia Android Apps

Even though there are no guarantees of winning, many people often win prizes every day, making HQ Trivia so popular. A leaderboard also ranks all players with the correct answers in each game.

According to statistics online, HQ Trivia has become extremely popular since it was launched, especially with younger users between 18 and 34 years old. As one of the most successful new mobile apps in 2017, it’s set to continue growing even more popular in 2018. HQ Trivia has already been downloaded more than 10 million times since it launched in 2017.

However, there is a question regarding how HQ Trivia works. Therefore, a reporter from TechCrunch decided to visit the HQ Trivia offices and talk with the CEO and founders of the company about its secret to success. 

The CEO of HQ Trivia is Colin Kroll, who had previously founded Vine with his two friends, Rus Yusupov and Kevin Systrom. However, HQ Trivia was launched after the company went through many changes since its creation. According to Colin, he decided to leave the company because he wanted to do something different. He also didn’t want to be responsible for everything on Vine, so he wanted to do it all himself on HQ Trivia.

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How to participate Hq Trivia Game?

First, you need to download the mobile app available on Google Play Store or iOS store for Android and Apple iPhone users, respectively.  

Now you need to register, and after completing your registration, you can join the game. When The Hq Trivia was first launched, they hosted its game twice a day, but now they hosted only Thursday at 9:00 pm ET. 

As soon as you join the game, you will be greeted by its host, live-streamed from the studio, who will conduct the programs. The Host will ask a few questions, roughly around 12-15 questions with a strict time limit of 10 seconds each. The winning cash prize is equally distributed among all winners, sometimes, they get $11 to $25, even $5, but the best part is that instead of small bucks, they take is an exciting rare prize to become trivia of this game.

HQ Trivia
HQ Trivia

Who was the Host of HQ Trivia?

Who was the moderator and Host of Hq Trivia?  Famous Comedian Matt Richards has hosted this game, and he was the moderator of this game. 

How To Get Prize and Encash Money From HQ Trivia?

The prize money is distributed equally among the winners, and they can use PayPal to encash their cash quickly.  Hq trivia set the minimum cash-withdrawal balance is $20, but later they removed it to encourage users to participate again. 

Rules To play HQ Trivia Games.

There are a few strict rules to follow while they were playing the trivia game.  They set a certain number of questions to answer each within 10 seconds. 

Participant Must choose one Appropriate answer from the three options givens.

Lastly, they invented strict rules to bar participants from the competition for giving wrong answers to any question. 
Besides all these, they also allow you to keep in competition by buying additional lives to say active in the game. 

Why Did HQ Trivia Fail? Let’s Find our Possible Reasons That Knocked them Down on the Ground.

What was once a thriving live game show app with broad appeal is now shutting down after its funding company pulled out.

So it turns out HQ Trivia was never as popular as people thought it would be. The game show app has announced that they will be shutting down. FOX reports that the shutdown is a lack of funding, which means that they were struggling to attract customers all along. A spokesperson says, “HQ’s future is up in the air,” and many staff members were laid off last month. Only five employees are left at HQ now, and “companies don’t stay together without money.

HQ Trivia Game
HQ Trivia Game

Popular HQ trivia Failed due to numerous problems which hit them back to back.  Major causes to fail because they are suffering a lack of money, and investors started withdrawing cash from these projects.  

Due to a lack of money, Hq trivia cannot make innovations to survive the potential competition in the market. They failed to keep the tournaments exciting with innovative ways and requested technical glitches not to run their quiz competition smoothly. 

Here are a few Issues that accelerate this popular game to shut down. 

1. Suffering From Lack of Funds

HQ trivia, as already said, suffered a lot due to a lack of funds. Those who invested as venture capital started taking out their funds for unknown reasons, and the popular online Quiz Trivia became weak day by day.  

2. Frequent Technical Issues

A frequent technical glitch caused terrible experiences, and they lost a significant number of users from their platform. A live trivia game played live on the directly mobile phone is a fascinating and ambitious idea, and same time any technical issue carries must need to be fixed immediately.

 But while running on the game and you are on high speed, super-fast Wi-Fi Connectivity, you are still facing issue connection group out then it varies badly. The technical issue at HQ’s end caused many users daily during games times, and when the connection was restored, many participants dropped out of the game. This isn’t good.  

Within a bing reputed brand like HQ, if faces this issue multiple times and is not willing to fix these issues instantly, there always becomes impact, wrong users, experience, and participant disappointment. 

But all those things happen; participants show lots of forgiveness and allow themselves the freedom to fix it, but they lose that precious opportunity, and finally,  they fail their business. 

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3. Potentials Competitions

On one side, they are suffering from funds; on the other hand, they are affected by the technical issue; HQ trivia also get face to face with tough competition from both online and offline Trivia Games startups.  

After launching HQ trivia, a few game platforms immediately get on track with their similar service online. Like Trivia Town, Global Quiz, The Q  Trivia and Qriket, etc.  These look the same, just like what HQ Trivia provides their users.  The Q Trivia is just like an exact clone of the HQ Trivia.  

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The situation worsened when Chinese Entrepreneurs entered this field, and they became thought competitors after they launched their local version and even in U.S television programs. They found their mobile and gave tough competition to the HQ Trivia company. 

In front of the Dual face of competition, HQ Trivia lost their users slowly, they could not develop new innovative games style, and finally, they became out of the competition and lost in space.

4. Weak Management Board

If Management and leadership become weak, then this is very much possible the company will stumble. Few experts blame the administration for HQ Trivia’s Failure. According to them, Both Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll are responsible for the failure of the HQ project.

When the board was facing a lack of money, instead of running their project smoothly with an extraordinary mind, they opened up on Twitter with the fact that they were running a lack of funds. This caused many investors to withdraw money from the projects, and this awful news spread rapidly to prevent another venture capitalist from investing in this project.

Misbehave and rude manners disappoint many employees, especially their aggressive shouting to the woman employee caused trouble.

After Yusupov himself became CEO, the situation became even worst. He publically threatened Rogowsky’s fire without any valid reasons. He works lie self-centered and egoistic.  Collin was much better than he is.  

The situation reached a certain degree that the employee demanded to remove as the CEO of the Company and signed a petition too. 

But nothing changed. To prevent their morale, many employees left HQ, which caused another big issue, and HQ started facing more technical problems than ever before. To avoid and fix those issues, HQ has not had enough employees and technical staff to do so.  

That’s how HQ Trivia became weak and weak and failed one time. 

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5. HQ Brand Issue

The brand’s name matters the most. Today in the throat cut competition age, one must build their brand first because brand values determine their success in plans. It attracts lots of venture capitalists to invest in their business model.  

But Here, HQ founder made great mistakes; instead of focusing on Making HQ a World-class level Trivia App, they shifted their target and diverted their target in multiple directions.  

They frequently launched various HQ Words, HQ Tunes, HOX, HQ After Dark, HQ Sports, and So On. All these are needed to invest more money and time, but due to the company’s lack of funds and crisis, they become bankrupt, and finally, they are now what they suppose to be. They Finally announced terrible news in February 2020 and shut down the most popular HQ trivia Mobile game. 

Conceptual Brands value and tactical strategy make Brands value stronger and users attached to its for a long time.  But It failed to maintain its Brand values. 

6. Lack Of Invocation 

To Get on track and defend itself from immense potential, competitors HQ Trivia should innovate new, more attractive ideas to the people.  But their lots of issues like Lack of  Money,
Leadership miss bereavement and the mass number of employees quitting from the HQ leads to many issues.

Finally, to stay strong against new competitors, they failed to innovate new things, and this caused them to lose the game. 

7. Prize Vs. Payoff Disappointment damaged their Reputation

When the HQ Trivia app was first related in the summer 2017, it was an instant sensation and reached number one out of 10 Top apps.  They also partner with various companies like Nike, IT giant Google, and Warner Brothers.  They got popular and attracted many people to participate in their HQ trivia game. 

But their strategy to distribute prizes to the winners is accepted by significant portions of the participants. They set their question pattern to an increasingly difficult level so that winner can hardly manage to get the jackpot.  Instead, some people reached that winner’s level by answering all questions and jumping all the hurdles they set, but their prize was equally distributed among the winners. Hence, winners sometimes get a few bucks that didn’t reach their minimum, paying the balance of $20. 

They get only fame and pride, not winning prizes. However, they have later withdrawn the minimum cash withdrawal limit to encourage participants into the tournament. 

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